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  1. Hello,
    I was recently hired as an RN a small long-term care facility for individuals with developmental disorders.
    I was hired because of my computer background to help our staff transition to the EMRs that are rolling out over the next few months.
    As expected, the staff's outlook is not good. I haven't test-driven the software yet, but I imagine it is cheaply made and will probably require us to buy lots of hardware that's also cheap and wears down quickly. I don't want compliance to slow us down.
    I was wondering about open-source software for small organizations such as ours, especially software that could run on Ubuntu or a Chromebook so it can run smoothly on inexpensive hardware that doesn't cost a fortune to upgrade later.
    I am probably in over my head to think in this direction, but I thought I'd start here.
    I don't want to just survive the transition, I want our facility to be better for it, and if I can use my knowledge to help other facilities do the same, I'll be elated.
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