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  1. I am thinking of getting a Master's in Nursing Informatics.

    What online college do you recommend and why? Also, how long are the programs and what was the cost?
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  3. by   RN315
    Hi I'm also in the same boat as you but am considering going for chmberlains MSN program with nursing informatics the total credits are 36( which is a lot less than other programs) and since I did my bsn with them I get the a discount per credit for 550. They even have the certification for NI. It is all online but there is a 200 hour practicum which I think is good bcuz it shows future employers that we do have hands on experience in this field. Rather than just an online program
  4. by   Sadieanne7
    I recently graduated from Kaplan University with my MSN in Nursing Informatics. The program was great, they have ten week sessions with a week break in between each term. It is important to make sure that you have time to complete the readings and assignments. Finding a Preceptor was challenging but I enjoyed the Practicum experience. I wish you the best of luck!