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  1. Hi All - I have been given the task of creating a set of nursing orders for our Epic go-live in 18 months. We currently have CPOE (homegrown) with some nursing orders. I have combined them with our nursing care plan interventions and the Epic model system nursing orders but it still seems incomplete. Is anyone willing to share their nursing orders or know of a good resource to get a good baseline set I can review against what I have? Our hospital (like most) is budget challenged so there is no $$ available to purchase anything. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you.
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  3. by   3rdcareerRN
    Implementing ordersets is a big effort, as I am sure you know. The major steps include finding generic ordersets, customizing them to the hospital (even the unit), making them available (whether paper or electronic), training nurses how to use them, ensuring their use, and keeping them current.

    You can find literally hundreds of evidence-based ordersets at (although they are usually a mix of medical and nursing orders).

    Using Google, I also found these non-government sites which allow public access to their internal ordersets:

    Good luck!