Nursing Informatics Texts

  1. Several people have asked me for information on NI texts.

    A few suggestions:

    1) Take a look at Linda Thede's textbook, Informatics and Nursing:
    Opportunities and Challenges - Lippincott Publishing. A 3rd edition should
    be available in January, 2009.


    2) Take a look at the CARING website
    Checked out the book review recently published in the CARING
    newsletter If you go to the website ( and select to
    view newsletters....check out the Volume 21, Issue 3 and you will see an
    EXCELLENT review of this text.These book reviews were initiated to help guide membership on evaluating new texts within the discipline of Nursing Informatics

    3) Take a look at the book "Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century: An International Look at
    Practice, Trends and the Future"? Published by HIMSS,edited by
    Weaver, Delaney, Weber & Carr.
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