Nurse Triage System for OB/GYN Office

  1. Is anyone aware of a reputable OB/GYN triage software program?
    All recommendations are appreciated!

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    Hi, By Triage I Am Unclear If You're Using This Term As A Way Of Prioritizing Appointment Making Or If You Actually Want A Way To Decide Which Patient Needs To Be Seen First. The Third Option Is Telephone Information Seekers.
    I Was An E.r. Nurse In A Major Trauma Center That Had A Large Perinatal Unit, A Woman's Center And Certainly Did My Share Of Triage.
    If You Just Want To Make Appointments I Can't Help You. Let Your Ears And Office Policy Guide You. If You Are Dealing With Informational Calls, Good Luck. You Are The Best Person To Determine What Is What. (i Assume You Are A Nurse) Lastly, If The Patient Is Standing In Front Of You Then Let Eyes, Ears, Nose And Interview Skills Be Your Best Resource.
    I Know This Doesn't Seem Like Much Help But The Hospitals That Have "ask-a-nurse"phone Services Use Software That Is Very Specific And Is Question And Answer Driven. If You Have One In Your Area Perhaps You Might Check Into That Software.
  4. by   eltrip
    LVM systems in Arizona have a variety of products. Their support staff is good & the triage info is quite good.