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  1. Hi all!

    I am excited and nervous to start my new job as a clinical informaticist this month. I've got 27 years of nursing experience in inpatient, ambulatory, public health, geriatric, med/surg, newborn, and obstetrics.

    I'd say my "well-roundedness" is part of what got me the job. I actually am certified in inpatient Epic STORK application because we upgraded to it on in the last 18 months, and the system pulled me into the inpatient realm to train all the regional hospital staff.

    Looks like I will be working on the ambulatory environment of Epic as our hospital system has just taken on several new ambulatory offices in the region. Any helpful hints for a new CI?

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  3. by   Informatics Queen
    I'm new to CI as well. I have 6mo experience. I can tell you that it is unlike any other nursing position I've held. We work closely with the IS department. We are a Cerner client.

    Expect to learn something new daily. My day consists of assisting users with documentation questions. Testing, validating, and troubleshooting issues are a large part of the job. We also prepare educational materials and train new users. In addition, we support users during Go Live events. This is this most challenging role I've ever held thus far.