Master of Science- Nursing Informatics

  1. Hi! I was preparing myself to go back to school and was interested in this Masters program. They have an RN-MSN option. I was considering this field because I love working at the hospital, but want to transition out of bedside and have always been interested in computers and software. On my unit, I was always volunteered to be one of the Super Users when we switched our programs. Was not sure if those that are in the field now, recommend a Masters degree or if most companies want you to have experience over an advanced degree. Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I think experience is more desired, the MSN is a bonus.
  4. by   RedInPurple
    I had a similar question, but you answered it here. Many programs have an RN to MSN program, but I think now I'll start with the BSN and then see how things go from there.
  5. by   mmc51264
    I completed an MSN in Informatics. Do not feel like I was prepared to jump into the job market. My classmates that have been successful all were working in some capacity already. I am still bedside.
    I think if I really applied myself, I could step up. What I really want to do is teach bedside charting, optimizing the programs and helping nurse NOT hate computer charting. That is not a position currently a paid position where I am. I am the "go-to" person, but that's about it.
    I probably should have done an NP specialty .
  6. by   Aliens05
    mmc, what do you mean in terms of your classmates were already working in some capacity already? Are you meaning that they were a nurse, working in an IT field before they jumped into informatics? Also, have you found it impossible or not likely to find a job in Informatics without the prior IT experience (only the degree)?
  7. by   mmc51264
    Alien05, they were either super-users, on an informatics committee as I was, several were working part-time with EHRs. A few had worked in the IT field before becoming nurses (so many nurses are second career). Some were already in a position and wanted the higher education and certification.

    As time has gone on, many of my classmates have gotten higher level positions or lead positions in Informatics. 3 of them were military and I guess they are trying to upgrade the very old EHR system the VA has.

    i have been working, volunteering, to be on our informatics task force to optimize flowsheets, help with care plans, teach the new upgrades. I am getting ready to move to a clinic position so now I need to learn the ambulatory system. I am basically using my MSN as a requirement for an advanced position, not in my specialty or informatics. Do not regret the education, but I feel that I was not prepared to go from floor nursing to an Informatics position.