how to maximize my PDA?

  1. hi there, just like to ask how will i maximize my PDA? got a zire72, gift from my husband.
    thanks so much.
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  3. by   nursehusband
    Hey, I am planning on getting the Zrie 72 for my wife as well. Please let me know how you like your so far. I am really debating between the Palm and the Pocket operating system, and would be interested to know what you think of the Palm OS on yours as far as difficulty learning to use it and that sort of thing. Thanks
  4. by   presC.
    Quote from nursehusband
    hey, i am planning on getting the zrie 72 for my wife as well. please let me know how you like your so far. i am really debating between the palm and the pocket operating system, and would be interested to know what you think of the palm os on yours as far as difficulty learning to use it and that sort of thing. thanks
    hi nursehusband, welcome to allnurses!
    back with your question, zire 72 is cool gadget, flashy and still hot in the market. i really liked it up to now because it's very useful, handy and almost all in-one stuff. like, i always used the voice memo as a tool for my nclex review. i recorded the frequently tested topics and i listened to it all the time. aside from that my husband had a business trip for 4days, i let him record those sweet talk "husband/wife" thing because of that i never missed him a bit because i kept listening to his voice.

    in addition to that, it has camera,i'm fond of taking pictures of beautiful places, my families, friends so most of the time i take a look at those if i like to recall happy days, very convenient. and there's also mp3, i can listen to my favorite music anytime i like.

    furthermore, thememos, documents,calculator,calendar,contacts,tasks, and even world clock are very helpful/useful to organize my day. so far, i'm not missing anyone of my loved ones birthdays/special occasions. and there's so much more to discover.. your day is not enough!

    lastly, zire 72 is easy to use. there's guidelines,tricks and trips at i always visit that site if i encountered some minor problem and it never let me down. about the difference bwn palm and pocket os, i have no info on that because i'm not interested buying other than palm. sorry, can't give you any details about it.

    hope i answered your question, and if ever you're not satisfied, ask/look on the other threads. we have nurses here who's using pda.

    for sure your wife will like any pda you'll choose.

  5. by   AllenJ
    Bluetooth capability can be used with supported GSM/GPRS phone service. The dialler function will allow access to numbers straight from your contacts. Multimedia and text messages can also be viewed and sent through the PDA.

    With extra memory added I think you can also add a GPS to the PDA either wired or bluetooth enabled.

    Enjoy it.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I am an ER Case Manager. I use my Tungsten E for phone numbers of nursing homes, contacts for home health, community agencies, etc. I also use the Documents to Go to hold my Discharge Manual - that is so cool. I use the RSI program for drug calculations for intubation and ER Suite for other information. I also use the calendar of course to keep things in perspective. I like the notes part too because I can quickly jot down a note if needed. Good luck - a lot of the uses depend on your area of practice.
  7. by   1 Leg Lance
    get over to and look around at all the neat little programs, not just medical ones but things like diddlebug for post-it style notes with alarms, secure-it for those things you don't want others to see and more...
    I use tabers, davis drug guide and nurses quick check diseases the most for school and at work as an extern in the icu
    also look at mobipocket & isolo to read things others have written and of course docs-to-go
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