How do I learn more about informatics?

  1. hello everyone! i am an rn with 27 years experience looking for more information on nursing informatics. can anyone get me started? i have researched the websites spoken about on this website, but am looking for something that is more basic to begin with. thanks!
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  3. by   rninformatics
    For "Basic" information on Nursing Informatics see
    my website which contains the definition of the specialty along with the scope and standards of practice guidelines at

    If you are located in the Midwest, see the website of the Midwest Alliance for Nursing Informatics' (MANI's) websie at:

    Additional fundumentals can be found on Susan Newbold's site at

    The American Nursing Informatics Association site

    The Nursing Informatics Working Group of the American Medical Informatic Association at

    and by doing an Internet search using the term Nursing Informatics

    Good Luck!
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