Desperately Seeking Nurse Informatics Preceptor

  1. Hello Everyone.
    I am currently taking my last two classes at Walden University for the MSN Informatics program. In order for me to graduate from the program, I must find my own preceptor and site to complete my practicum hours. I have been inquiring for months, but It seems to be extremely hard to find a preceptor on your own in the nursing informatics field in the south. I reside around the Atlanta, Ga area, and I would be extremely grateful, if I could find someone willing to help me or refer me to someone who can.
    I have been a nurse for four years, I have ICU, Med-Surg, and Hemodialysis experience. I have worked with Epic, Chairside, and ecube systems. I learn fast, and I am very professional, and respectful person. If I don't find a preceptor I will not be able to apply for my practicum classes and graduate, even if I complete all my classes.
    Thank You in advance for any help or recommendation.
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  3. by   NI RN
    Did you find someone in GA. I am in the same situation. Thanks.
  4. by   abyssinia
    Try Northeast GA Health System