CRYSTAL Reports??

  1. Hi All,

    Is Anyone familiar with an application called crystal reports??
    My manager knows that I am skilled and enjoy using the computer and would like me to attend a 2 day class on using this application.
    Anyone out here use it, and how difficult it is to learn??


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  3. by   flowrgrrrrl
    Hi There:

    Crystal is now called Business objects i believe. it's a useful program to extract information for reporting.

    I don't know if you will be training to be a report designer or just a report user. I use this at work right now. if you know a bit about databases and reports then you should pick it up easily.
  4. by   BurstPurse
    Crystal reports is easier to understand with it's newest version (as compared with older version, which you need to link to some programming languages).

    If you have a good understanding how databases works then you will easily learn the concept of the software.

    Visit this site for more info.