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I am SO happy to say that I passed ANCC informatics Nurse Certification Exam yesterday 3/17/2014! For those of you who are looking for recommended materials, the following are ALL you need to... Read More

  1. by   JStahl
    Anyone have information on where they did their CE credits? I am just starting to look into the certification.
  2. by   MayoInfoRn
    I took just the Certification Exam. In preparation, I read the scope and standards and purchased and studied the Mometrix test secrets /study guide. I took many sample tests and thought I was ready. However, I did not pass....by just a few points. To me, the questions in the Mometrix sample tests were nothing like the questions on the test. I did not think the bootcamp did any good at all. My plan is to re-read the scope and standards and study harder/more frequently. Perhaps the test has changed.
    I did study with a partner but she did not do well either. We both work as Informatics Nurse Specialists and figured our experience would be helpful. However, we found that the questions were challenging; almost meant to trick you. I'm not trying to scare anyone but it's not straight forward. I'm going to do it again soon since we need this for our positions. No fun.
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  3. by   e.brock
    I completely agree. I just sat the other day and failed by a few points. I've been an Informatics nurse for 5+ years. I've been studying since the summer, not just for this but even reviewing CPHIMS as my friend was taking that. I couldn't even decipher what some of the questions were looking for. And I am normally a decent test taker. I left irritated and deflated.
  4. by   WJewel88
    I know my place of employment does not offer a raise for becoming certified. Only the techie certifications. They pay for everything needed to complete the certification. I only wish they did for Nursing Informatics certification.
  5. by   USCGEM
    Hello Fellow Nurses, I am interested in getting certified for Nursing Informatics. After reading all the blogs posted here, I am a little confused on what material should be used and what we should not use. I have heard that the exam has changed recently in terms of the questions so I am wondering if anyone has recently taken the exam? If so, did you pass? How did you prepare? What materials were used for your preparation? How long did you prepare? What is your background in nursing? I along with a few of my colleagues plan to test this year, so responses to your recent experiences would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank You and Good Luck on your exam.
  6. by   loridavisrn
    I just took the exam on July 8, 2018 and I passed! Here is how I prepared:

    I completed the Nursing Informatics Certification Review Focused CE Series from CEDirect. It is a 6 week course containing online content, live weekly webinars, email communication with instructors, access to Scoology, a ton of PDF study guides covering NI exam content, and a practice exam. I attended a NI Bootcamp several years ago, and I can say that this Focused CE Series was FAR superior to the bootcamp. With that being said, it would have been difficult to get all of this information into a bootcamp lasting only a few days. If you have to choose one or the other due to financial constraints, choose this one. Instructors in the Focused CE Series were Susan Newbold and Sarah Fletcher. Yes...THE Susan Newbold from the NI Bootcamp!!! Not sure if they change instructors, but I felt lucky having these two for the live, weekly webinar.

    These are great to test your knowledge. You'll get 200 practice questions. You'll get one question at a time on the screen - similar to the actual exam. However, you can skip to the answers/rationale if that is what you would rather do.

    Like others, I used the internet frequently to study things I couldn't find in the text books I chose to prepare with.


    Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 6th Edition, Saba & McCormick

    I used this book extensively. Using the PDFs from the CE series, I used this textbook to make additional notes on topics from almost every page of my PDF. In some cases, I would read an entire chapter. This book contained almost all the content from the CE Series and then some.

    Nursing Informatics: Scopes and Standards of Practice, second edition.

    I practically memorized this book and I am so glad I did. I don't remember exactly how many pages you must read, but it is only around 70 (the last half of the book contains the previous scopes and standards edition). Read it over and over. Highlight stuff. Write stuff in the margins. This will help you, I promise!

    Informatics Nursing Certification (RN-BC) | ANCC
    Pay close attention to what they say will be on the test. I'm not kidding. Read it all. Every word. If you don't know what something is, look it up. For example, I saw that "Value Stream Mapping" was listed as possible content on the exam. But I didn't remember hearing about it during the CE Series. I looked it up on the internet and became familiar with it. I'm so glad I did!

    I was familiar with all the activities in the SDLC, but I stumbled on questions that asked me what stage I was in when those activities were occurring! I can't explain it. So, on a single piece of paper, I drew several boxes. I titled the first block "Planning", the second block "Analysis", the third block "Design" and so on. Within each block, I then listed all the things that happen during those phases. No definitions - just the activities occurring within each phase (I was already familiar with the definitions). I can't tell you how much this helped me.

    My background: I've been in the Nursing Informatics field since 2008. Prior to that, I worked in surgical care (preop) for about five years, and before that, I worked on the cardiology unit (med/surg).