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  1. I'm a critical care nurse who has joined a training team for a Cerner install at a teaching hospital in VA. I'm looking for tips, hints and direction from those who have been down this road. In particular I'm looking for contacts within a 3-4 hour drive of Richmond VA to meet with and talk about how best to train 5000 end users...

    Thanks, James George
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  3. by   ksmith1963
    Are you on the hospital team for the training? What is the project plan for the training? What model are you planning to use - web based training, cbt, classroom, train-the-trainer?
    As a part of the implementation plan, there should be a training plan - have you seen that?

    Cerner has a users group? Have you visited that resource?

    What application of cerner are you installing? Ask for references from Cerner based on your size hospital.

    Good luck