Any willing to do a short questionnaire?

  1. Good morning!! I am currently in a nursing informatics class and I have a project I must complete in the next couple of weeks.
    I must interview someone in the role as a Nursing Clinical Information Manager; Super User, Director/Manager Clinical Education; Chief Information Officer; Quality Assurance or Performance Improvement Nurse; Nurse Informaticist; Telenursing Specialist; Nurse Abstractor; Case Manager; or Compliance Nurse. You only have to answer 6 questions.
    I would greatly appreciate if anyone can assist me with this.
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  3. by   cheesepizza
    Case manager; sure. Email me and I'll send back.
  4. by   Eeramsey
    Hello. I have the same assignment. It's kind of a pain because I work at a facility with paper charting. I am going to email you. If you do not wish to respond, that is ok too. I would greatly appreciate the help.