Any chance for me, a L&D RN, to go in this specialization?

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  3. by   NJnewRN
    Yes. It depends on your location, luck, and perhaps internship programs.
  4. by   violet_violet
    Are you in this specialty?
  5. by   Precious_P
    I was an L&D nurse (along with two other colleagues) prior to getting an informatics position. Your particular specialty does not matter. What matters is your experience with nursing workflow. There is also a fourth L&D nurse in the IT department that left L&D to become an analyst to work on the appplication used in women's services.
  6. by   Sam_Nurse
    I agree with that and I don't think it really matters what specialty you have worked before. First of all informatics is a huge area and it really depends on what position you work in that area. I never worked in the L&D or OB dept before but I am still teaching nurses and doctors on how to use the system. Also when we went live in the in-patient area I went to every area of the hospital and even teach other practices like respiratory therapist(RT's), physical therapist(PT's), Social work etc.
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