requirements for UK RN to practise in the Philippines

  1. Hi, I'm an RN from the UK and I'm just wondering what requirements I will need to meet in order to be able to practise in the Philippines. And also would my degree be recognised there? Thanks
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  3. by   Fiona59
    From what other posters have said over the years, NO.

    Apparently, the Phillipines does not import nurses, they only export. Are you on a medical mission or planning on living there?
  4. by   zero.
    If you will be working in the Philippines on a short and temporary basis, like medical missions, the Board of Nursing of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines grants special temporary permits / nurse licenses for such cases.

    PRC Official Website - International Affairs: Special Temporary Permits

    For long term stay you may need to contact them.
  5. by   rnpaddler
    Your foreign nursing degree will not be recognized here in the Philippines. However, you can have the Commission on Higher Education and the Philippine Board of Nursing take a look at your credentials.

    I am a US educated and licensed nurse with some work experience in the ICU of a level 2 trauma hospital in the US. I went to CHEd with the hopes of getting licensed here. After submitting all my paperwork, I called often but got the answer "it's still being processed." After a year, I was told that they had evaluated my transcript and had turned it over to the Board of Nursing for review. They said I lacked some credit hours and needed to go back to school and fulfill it. When I asked what the classes were that I needed to take, their answer was, "it will be up to the school to decide on that." (Umm... You're with the Board of Nursing and should be able to answer that question....right?) I also needed to fulfill the other requirements listed (5 cord cuttings, 5 scrub nurse sessions, etc) before I could take the exam. No waiver, no nothing which clearly stated that my work experience wasn't even considered.

    Needless to say, I didn't push forward with that. Their actions weren't all that encouraging and I was given the impression that I was a burden and that they just wanted me to go away.

    If you wish to push through with getting your Philippine nursing license, I wish you all the luck.
  6. by   Boots RN
    boink89 are you a pinoy nurse? i'm just wondering why you want to work here as a nurse just to inform you i think philippines is one of the worst place to be a nurse. Low salary combine with too much work load.... plus at this period of time its hard to find hospital job vacancies... any way best of luck for you....