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  1. Hi guys. I finished my degree in BSN last 2016 and was able to pass the board exam. I had a gap-year for a year. Now, Im thinking of taking up BS in Special Ed.
    I just have some few concerns.

    1. How long will it take for me to finish the course?
    2. Do I need to attend senior high classes?

    Thanks much. God bless you.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    What country are you in? Do you ever intend to practice nursing?
  4. by   Iamjoez
    I am from the Philippines.

    I had practiced before but I have hazy thoughts about it. I ended up quitting. I don't want to risk the condition of my patients because I can't give my full attention to then. I can't stop thinking if I am in the right track.

    Thank you very much for your response.
  5. by   MirageRN
    Good decision for you to decide early what you really want.
    Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Do I have the resources to continue my education?
    2. Have I tried all settings of nursing before having the final straw (well there's limited nursing roles in the Philippines with bedside dominating every other nursing job prospects)?
    3. Do you have plans on moving abroad?

    I was part of the influx of highschool students with a choice between nursing or some market-in-demand major for college but eventually learned to love nursing along the way.

    I am almost ready to hang up my scrubs and steth and try some non-clinical roles (oh, funny how people dread desk jobs while I am ready to dive for it) some time next year.

    Good luck and good job for having the clarity to trust your gut feeling early on.

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