I worked in ksa planning to work permanently in the philippines

  1. I worked in saudi arabia and looking for job in the philippines .. What company or hospital can you suggest? I want a stable job and stay in phil for good. thanks!
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  3. by   tinny.rn
    Hi there reign. My friend who used to work in KSA also looked for a job in the Philippines. Unfortunately, it's very hard to look for a job. She got a job in call center instead. She worked for a short period of time only then got a job again in KSA. Hope you can look for a good job here. Goodluck.
  4. by   reign_10
    that's my dilemma as well.. I dont like me, ending up working there as well.. if only hospitals in phil gave exactly the same in ksa. There's a better chance nurses will just stay in pinas and serve our own countrymen