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    Im a batch 2007 graduate took the board 2008 ,, in early 2009 volunteered and was able to land a job a a casual nurse in one of our national government hospital in manila but was illegally dismiss because of nepotism. Late 2010 became a bum, then early 2011 worked as a BPO agent and went into family life with one child. I recently got promoted as a trainer.. But right now I feel so bored with this Job, very generic everyone and anyone can be a bpo professional lol . Now I want to go back as a nurse, oh man what will I do. Im searching for IV therapy training schedule.. I realized i really love nursing even though here in Ph it doesn't bring any cash on the table. Tips and advice Guys? Any reply will be greatly appreciated.. More power All nurses..
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  3. by   inchii
    Get your BLS and IV certifications. Apply to as many hospitals as you can as the job market is very tough right now.