Filipino nurses in saudi

  1. good day everyone! hi i graduated last march 2012 and passed the board exam the same year. Currently I have a 6 months experience in An Emergency Room and Birthing home. Planning to apply in Saudi this this year. Any feedback to those nurse who applied in Nurses before without experience? how was it? were you guys able to apply in other countries after your 2 years contract in KSA? thank you and kind regards!
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  3. by   pinksyringe
    hahah sorry, typo error what I mean is any feedback to those Nurses without experience who applied in Saudi before?
  4. by   amihan_leaf
    Hello pinksyringe, please leave an update here regarding your Saudi plans. I too, doesn't have at least 2 years experience.
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    my sister is working in Bisha KSA now she's about to end her 2 years contract. She went there right after she passed the PNLE. She doesn't have experience either. She is assigned in a clinic with a ER, DR, and a ward i think. Salary is not as high compare to those who have experience, but i want asks feedback from those nurses who already completed the 2 years contact in KSA. Is it easy to apply to other countries?