Can someone help me please? I'm now losing hope. :(

  1. Hi! I'm from Philippines and a healthy carrier of hepatitis b. I have discovered my condition when I was still studying in college. At that time I was really depressed and I did not want to go to school. I asked the opinions of some reliable sources and told me that my condition is not a hindrance in achieving my dream in life. It is my big dream to become a nurse ever since I was a child. So I pursued my nursing studies. After I graduated I took the NLE and in God's grace, I passed it. I then applied in hospitals here in the Philippines. But unfortunately, I got rejected every time they knew my health status despite of having a medical certificate from my doctor that I am fit to work. I know giving up is not an option but I'm starting to lose hope.

    Is there other way that I could practice my profession? Can someone help me please. Please.
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    Moved to the Philippine forumWe have a few threads discussing Hep B but there are chances for abroad just may take time
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