Another attempt to bring NCLEX to Manila

  1. Tough negotiations for Task Force-NCLEX headed by Mr. Dante Ang.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    And the schools that were at the center of the mess in June, are still operating. There are the Filipino blogs that post test questions taken directly from the NCLEX exam on their websites along with the choices of the answers. Until this is stopped, it will be like throwing a penny in an ocean to get the exam there.
  4. by   lawrence01
    Also, another review center is raided by NBI agents for copyright impringements as requested by FSBPT (NCSBN equivalent for Physical therapists). This are for the NPTE (National Physical Therapy Exam) so this will add to the problems of Mr. Dante Ang.

    The article about the raid was posted on FSBT's website as well. So, everyone be careful on choosing review centers.
  5. by   loryn
    with those past and current issues affecting us Nurses, i don't think NCLEX will decide anytime soon. there will be lots of assessment and surely they would expect more commitments from our government before putting up a Testing Center here.

    just my 2 cents

  6. by   lawrence01
    Yes, it would be very, very difficult. The most impt. news that would prob. convince NCSBN is if those responsible for the past leakage issue are punished.

    The way things are going (nothing) it sends a message that if there will be a testing center here, the old trick of letting reviewees "share" recalled questions and answer options will flourish in Manila as people doing these are left unpunished.

    New nurses planning to take NCLEX in the near future might as well just pray for another Int'l testing center in the ASEAN region, such as Singapore or even Bangkok to help alleviate the traffic in the HK testing center.
  7. by   kathykaye
    i think i got a wrong info lawrence.. i just read it from a thread here

    when i got to the pearsonvue site, i think the poster was just misled. he didnt notice if nclex is given in that center...

    when i checked the site, nclex is not given in the singapore center..

    *hope they will soon become an nclex testing center as another alternative aside from HK..
  8. by   lawrence01
    Just double checked on pearsonvue's website as well by clicking the Locate Test Center Option and there are no new test centers for NCLEX.
  9. by   kathykaye

    regarding an attempt of bringing the nclex exam to manila... i hope it will pursue to help our fellow nurses who cant afford the expenses in taking the exam in other countries..

    the fact that our country has security issues in exams (local/international) like the recent news in FSBPT where a review center was raided (st.louis review center), i doubt if it will push through...

    hope for the best decision that will benefit the majority...
  10. by   ricph

    NCLEX finally coming to the Philippines -- according to a Philippine Board of Nursing member

    I hope this is true!
  11. by   lawrence01
    This will indeed be good news for everyone if it's true. Let's just wait for the official announcement from Mr. Dante Ang himself for the details when he arrives back home.

    This is very exciting but hope some don't get too excited. There will be a lag on when it will actually be fully operational.
  12. by   nursecpa
    NCLEX coming to Philippines -- Board of Nursing

    By Veronica Uy
    Last updated 06:39pm (Mla time) 02/09/2007

    read the whole story:
  13. by   msdreamchaser
    is it true as i watched abs cbn tonight that ncsbn approved already?
  14. by   lawrence01
    Yes, it's now confirmed. Mr. Dante Ang was interviewed right after the negotiation ended and he said himself that the Philippines is now approved to be a testing site by NCSBN. It would now be up to Pearsonvue to set up everything.

    The negotiating team was able to convince NCSBN that those responsible for the leakage are being dealt with as evidenced by pending charges filed against them.

    A fully operational testing center might not be in the offing until early 2008 but still very good news as this will help those less fortunate to take it elsewhere.