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Nursing In Florida



I recently got accepted into the pre-nursing program at a local college in SE Michigan.

My dream has always been to move to Florida but at this time going to school and living in Florida is financially impossible for me. My question is if I worked here in Mi for a couple years after I graduate how difficult would it be for me to transfer to a hospital in Fl. Also to the nurses in Fl what cities do you guys and gals recommend to work in. Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!

RickTodd11C, RN

Specializes in TICU, Acute Inpatient Rehab. Has 2 years experience.

Hello, I begin the ADN RN program here at SPC in Pinellas Park Florida this Fall.

Down here, a lot of folks want to get into BayCare really bad.

As for me, I'll be going after Bay Pines VA, as you can travel around under the same license if you want.

Good Luck!