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Just want to get an idea of where everyone is located, and where they went for their nursing education! I'll start: 1. Vancouver, BC 2. BCIT (starting soon ... jan06)... Read More

  1. by   RPN_2006

    I'm Angela, and I'm very excited to be graduating the RPN program at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario on JULY 21st 2006!
  2. by   SASK ICURN
    This is my first post.I just registered.I am from Saskatoon and I have been working for 25 years,the last 15 in ICU.
  3. by   jlisle
    Got my BScN at Ottawa U last year then got hired at the ER where I did my preceptorship . . . so I stayed here.

  4. by   qtcie
    Quote from luilui_604
    hello fellow Canadians!

    Graduated from University of Victoria in November 2004 through the Langara Collaborative Program! Worked at VGH for 8 months, and now I am living and working in San Francisco in L&D!!! LOVING IT HERE!!!!!!! will most likely move back to vancouver after 2 years work experience here, and find a job at BC Womens!! CHEERS!

    Hi luilui_604. hope to see you in BC Womens/BC Childrens...I work there in the ICU as unit clerk. I'm in my 2nd year BSCN in Trinity Western University.
  5. by   qtcie
    Quote from s and t
    I live in Surrey, BC.

    Hi s and t...i live in Surrey too...in the Fleetwood/Tynehead area.
  6. by   pugmum
    Quote from qtcie
    Hi s and t...i live in Surrey too...in the Fleetwood/Tynehead area.
    Holy smoke! We're probably neighbours! PM me!
  7. by   rys77
    My 2nd post and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, practising as a RPN here now for 5 years. Obtained my degree in Brandon, Manitoba. Cheers to all
  8. by   nessy
    Living in New Westminster. Just starting my 6 week CPE2 (end of 2nd year) term at Douglas College tomorrow. I'm nervous as heck.
  9. by   MissNursieNurse
    I did my training at York in Toronto. Still living in Ontario working, but with hopes to move out east...
  10. by   faith5099
    Temple, Texas!!!!!

    I applied to the ADN program at Temple College...keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. by   clemmm78
    Montreal, graduated from Vanier College, started in 1978, took a two year break and then graduated in 1983, RN ever since.
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  12. by   nursesarah
    BScN from mcmaster university in ontarrio...just graduated
  13. by   mad9
    not a newfie in sight! until now....hello from the rock. :icon_hug: