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  1. I will have annual performance review with my big manager on Nov, last week, our direct unit manager gave me a copy of "how to do good nursing chart ?" And "how to communicate with other health care professionals?".

    our hospital is unionized, and I have been a good nurse, I got lots of thanks letter from pts, I never abused sick leave; my problem is: English is my second language and I am an immigrant nurse, so I am not good at communication and charting, but I never make big mistake either, I am wondering why my manager handed me the 2 booklets ?

    Any answers will be appreciated, what should I reply to my unit manager who handed me the 2 booklets?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    You REALLY need to have a talk with your manager to ask for specific help. You got the books so that is the message that your mgr is telling you - that your communication skills, written & spoken, need improvement. And do it sooner than later because your evaluation is imminent.

    Can you review some of your charting entries that you could PRACTICE re-writing to be better???

    Can you practice giving report (or making a phone call re some issue) to someone?

    The message is clear - you need some improvement in communication. Somebody higher up in management feels that way So try to get some help.

    Attendance and pt compliments are NOT the issue here and won't help you if there a communication problem.
  4. by   dishes
    As amolocia said the message is clear you need improvement in communication. Suggest you prepare for your performance appraisal by making a SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time based) goal to improve your communication and charting skills. After you make the goal, figure out how you will achieve it. There are Canadian nursing communication courses, textbooks and videos that may help you to improve.