1. Hi all.I am an international educated nurse who will be migrating to Canada.I have started my application with NNAS.Should I apply as an RN or RPN?.I'm and RN in my country but have noticed the requirements are different in Canada.Also if I apply as an RPN are there any RPN- BSN programs that I can do,Preferably online that is accredited?Hope my Questions make sense. Thanks
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  3. by   wheresthecharge
    Main "differences" between rns and rpns is the wage, and the "expected" complexity of the assigned patient population (including treatments/medications to administer).

    Otherwise, apply as you like and see fit.

    There are bridging programs... but most from what I have seen are in person... or at least in person at some point because of the placement.

    Depending on how much experience you have and your credentials... you may only have to do a few courses, rather than a whole nursing program.

    Good luck!