Courses as a new grad/nursing in other provinces

  1. Hi, so I've graduated in Ontario in 2017 but took a year off and got my license a few months ago (around March). Since then I've been applying to a lot of places daily with nothing coming back. I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to do courses such as Cardiology/Coronary Care 1 and getting my ACLS without having any experience at all in hopes that it'll help land me a job? I've always had interests in Cardiology so I thought it would be worth a shot. I've been applying to hospitals, long term care homes, visiting nurse, community, etc.

    I'm also not sure if I'm still considered a new graduate if I graduated a year ago . It's quite demotivating as all my peers I've graduated with have jobs while I'm still out of luck working my close to minimum wage job.

    I've also heard about applying for jobs in other places like Manitoba or Alberta but I'm having trouble finding information about that stuff as travel nursing in Canada isn't as available as it is in the U.S. If anyone can shed some light on that, that would be great as well!

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  3. by   Triddin
    I wouldn't bother doing acls unless you're going to use it. You lose it pretty quickly if you don't use it frequently and most units wouldn't allow you to use the algorithm unless you're in a critical care area
  4. by   Fiona59
    Alberta doesn't have a shortage of nurses. Just a shortage of money for healthcare.