Child DayCare Centre

  1. Can LPN's in BC open up a child daycare? Or is it ony through ECE diplomas
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Have you tried CLPNBC's website?

    Your local city hall for regulations?

    Pretty much anyone can open a daycare centre. Staffing is often people with minimal formal education.

    Are you talking operating it yourself because you really should be checking with Social Services. I've known RNs who operated dayhomes when their children were little.
  4. by   macnursing
    I know in Ontario, you must have a certain amount of ECE's working in your facility, as well as workers, per child ratio. There is a process to applying for licenses, and having your commercial space approved as a child care center. I know only because my sister is an ECE. Now if you're just looking at opening a home daycare, thats an easier process, but there are caps on how many children you can look after! Sorry I don't much more than that, so its best to call the governing body in your province!