Advance Practice Nurse?!

  1. Hello all,
    I just am wondering what education does APN have? and what kind of jobs they can get in the hospital/community? Ty
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  3. by   Fiona59
    I thought you hated nursing and the toxic work environment. You mentioned this in a previous thread.

    Why would you want to accept more responsibility?
  4. by   dishes
    If you look at job postings for advanced practice nurses, clinical educators and clinical nurse specialists, you will see most require a masters degree in nursing, many require three to five years nursing experience in the specialty area in which the job is posted. If you read the other requirements listed in the job postings it may give you some idea what the jobs entail.
  5. by   Beautiful Ladybug
    Hi. Yea but I am thinking if I advance my credentials at least I dont have to deal with co-workers with attitudes anymore. Maybe it would be a way out for me!
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I'm not sure how you think that would work. All that would happen is that your org structure would change slightly. You might not have any direct coworkers as an APN, but you'd definitely have LOTS of interactions with other nurses and patients when you're asked to consult. I'll be brutally honest when I tell you most front-line nurses have little time or respect for advanced-practice personnel who haven't walked the walk. When a certain NP walks onto the unit where I work, there are collective moans because we know our workload is about to increase to meet her demands, without her laying a hand on the patients. She's never done our job so she has no idea how unrealistic her expectations are.