You Want Some of Me?

  1. As a male Home Health Pediatric nurse, I often deal with moms. One 2 year old whom I had been seeing for about 3 months was due for his PICC dressing change. After I had everything set up and was ready for action, the child's 4 year old brother decided he was going to help me out. He grabbed several alcohol pads and the Saline flush.
    His mother, frustrated at the older boys' refusal to listen; grabbed the supplies from him and shouted "Do you want some of me?"
    By this time, I was engrossed in the dressing change and wasn't paying much attention to what was happening around me. I thought the mom was talking to me and heard her say; "Do you want some of THESE?" So I replied; "Sure, I'll take some."

    Fortunately, the mom knew me well enough to realize that I had misunderstood her. Redfaced and laughing, she told me what she said. At that point, she wasn't the only one redfaced!
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  3. by   night owl
    LMAO! How embarrassing. I sure as h*ll would have wanted to crawl into a hole at that point. You were lucky that she knew you better than that!
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