things are not what they seem

  1. hello all, i've been gone for awhile. i've missed you.
    recently, i was researching a paper and i found some things in my medical dictionary that are just not what they seem.
    1. There is a DICK test, but it's not for what i thought it was.
    2. Hysterical Ataxia isn't a physical assault.
    3. Blastomycete doesn't come from the guy sitting next to you, and doesn't have anything to do with those gosh aweful smells.
    4. I think I once got Barbers Itch, but the doctor didn't call it that.
    5. A Cervical Plexus Block is not a form of birth control.
    6. Bucks Extension is not a sexual aide.
    7. The Philadelphia Chromosome has explained a lot. (no offense to you pennsylvanians)
    8. Gynoplastics are not battery operated.
    9. Never eat a Peanutbutter and Cardiac Jelly sandwhich.
    10. Most docs suffer from Cerebral Gigantism, or at least i think they do.

    there are more, see ya soon
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  3. by   kennedyj
    very creative. LMAO!!