The Surgeons Messiah complesx!!

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  2. In order to explore other oceans you have to let go of the shore.
    One of our surgeons was noted for his macho Messiah Complex' and of course was never wrong, not ever. One little nurse who seemed very timid, but obviously wasn't, asked him at the close of a case if he would like the Vicryl suture or "Are you healing it by hand today sir?" *lol* The OR erupted. The surgeon ignored the comment, but he heard it alright!!!:chuckle
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  4. by   spineCNOR
    Hey! I've worked with that guy! Thanks for the laugh!
  5. by   Bonnie J-Lowe
    Ah, yes, the good old Messiah Complex, I would imagine quite a few OR nurses have seen that in action many a time.
  6. by   zudy
    Yes, you can always tell who made an A+ in Walk On Water 101.
  7. by   Bonnie J-Lowe
    Now, that I like-good goin'!

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