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  1. I work psych. and we have alot of patients with no family or friends. We have a lady in her 70,s who frequents our hosptial, schizophrenic, very sweet,no family. It was her birthday last time she was inpatient, and we were trying to get her a cake. The people who work in the kitchen are very rude when it comes to any request that is not from the doctor himself, so DR.Bunt wrote this order in our ladys chart:

    birthday cake on 6/14/02, x1 P.O. Q yr. @ 1200 please
    ice cream 1-2 scoops prn w/ cake if avail.
    notify author stat if above is non-formulary
    seroquil 25mg P.O. H.S.
    prozac 10mg P.O. Q.D.
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  3. by   shannonRN
    that is awesome. good for him!!! (where is my clapping hands smiley?)
  4. by   alwaysthere
    Oh MY Thats so cool.
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    Oh goody!! That is SOO Patch Adams!!
    Wish there were more like him!!! Kudos!

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