Taking down Dr. Pompous

  1. Dr. Pompous, MD: Do you know what the initials MD behind my name means?

    Squeakykitty: I'm thinking that it could stand for---
    1. Mega Doofus
    2. Maggot Droppings
    3. Mentally Deficient
    4. Morally Defective
    5. Major Disaster
    6. Mean Doctor
    7. Mentally Disturbed
    8. Mastodon Dung
    9. Mouse Droppings
    10. Major Drama-queen
    None of these sound familiar??
    Judging by your attitude, it just might mean Major D-head, but I'm reasonably sure it doesn't mean Medical Diety!!
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  3. by   netglow
    Sounds like "PD" just set himself up for a :trout: (this smiley is called "slap trout") LOL!