Reverse cConsent for Treatment

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    Anytime you receive treatment from a Health Care Provider, you will be asked to sign a consent for treatment.
    This document basically gives the provider permission to kill you and charge you an arm and a leg for it.
    Below is a sample consent you can give to your provider to sign.

    I____________________________________consent to treat________________________________

    I understand that, even though I may be totally incompetent to perform the procedure, I am doing so because ______________________________________insurance company is trying to save a buck.

    I also understand that I am to use the cheapest equipment possible; including sterile gloves which rip when I put them on. I will also reuse any disposable sterile items by placing them back into the package.

    I also understand that if I am sued, I'll immediately blame my high fees on increasing malpractice costs.

    Under oath, I guarantee that I could care less for human dignity and if _____________________ dies, I will get over it and go on with my business of providing cheap care.


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