Post TB & Risks v's lack of Duty of Care

  1. HELLO Everyone!

    Well this is my 2nd post now (first one is in neewbie section)

    First up I am an Agency Nurse so I travel to a lot of places wherever I am needed, most times I go to places the same places on a regular basis...I am only a AN3 & since it is not common knowledge what a AN3 is I shall fill you in......basiclly I am a AIN cert4 & in additional I am mediacation competent.
    (so I can administer drugs) I have been nursing for about 17yrs & finally now ready to finish my Nursing degree

    Anyway I would like to know other peoples opinion on a problem I had last night.

    Last night I went to a place I work 3-4 times a week (through the Aanyway...they did normal handover & I went downstairs
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