Poem contest

  1. You can prepare your own poem or can copy any good one and post it here

    this is mine

    My beautiful baby girl
    playing outside on the lawn
    without a care in the world...
    but soon you will be gone.

    When you were born I couldn't believe
    how much you looked like me,
    an image so clear none could deny
    and all could plainly see.

    My little one won't stay at home
    forever in the yard,
    a time will come when I'll let go
    and I know it will be hard.

    I'm sure the happiness I've known
    will stay here in my heart
    long after you are fully grown,
    and we are far apart.

    But no matter where you go
    in this wide and wondrous world,
    I'll always treasure you, my dear,
    as my special baby girl.

    Author Unknown
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