perfectly legible handwriting

  1. I was working with a dialysis patient once. Her nephrologist blew up to the nurses station, quickly jotted down some orders, and hurried down the hallway to the elevator. I picked up the chart to scan the orders, then rushed after him. "Excuse me, Doctor," I said, "but I need to know what language these are written in."
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  3. by   nurse020302
    I guess when you work with doctors for too long they rub off on you. One of the doctors I work for can't even read my handwriting, he does the same to me, he'll chase me down and ask me what language it's in.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    why is this under the humor thread...this has happen so often it isn't funny
  5. by   Indy
    We have one nephrologist who writes so badly his "lasix" can look like "elbow." It took me forever to figure it out but you have to hold the chart sideways at JUST the right angle, then read it six times while standing on one leg and crossing your eyes. Then it starts to make sense. If not, take a tylenol and go find a nephrology or ICU nurse.
  6. by   Jamesdotter
    We once had a physician who was from Great Britain. Not only did he have tiny crabbed handwriting, but he used terminology that we weren't familiar with. He was, fortunately, usually pretty patient when we called to ask...