Nursing names

  1. I love to make up tests with medical terminology used as names. This started many years ago when we used to have time on the unit to goof off. We invented several admissions for the evening shift. The best patient:

    Jenny Tilwarts.

    Some others:

    Dexter Rosinwater

    Polly Phagia

    Ivana P. Baad

    Dr. Noital

    T.Y. Fuss

    Guy Nuckle Mastika

    Rose A. Sha

    Phil Alus

    Oz M. O' Lagnia (erotic satisfaction derived from body odors)

    Clyde M. Idea

    P. Nile D'Scharge

    Best urology Dr.:
    Dr. Cockitt

    Best OB/GYN Dr.:
    Dr. Gross

    I know I have used others over the years...but it has been a long day.
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