new ideas for billing

  1. A guy brings a very stiff parrot into the vets office, and asks the doc to help it.
    The vet looks it over and says "I'm sorry sir, but your parrot is dead.
    "The guy freaks out and says "What?! How can you say that?? You didn't even hardly look at it! I want a second opinion!!"

    The vet nods, and leaves the room. A few minutes later a black labrador retriever comes in, sniffs the parrot over thouroughly, shakes his head sadly, says "woof" and leaves.
    The vet nods, and leaves the room.

    Then a large cat comes in, jumps on the table, sniffs the parrot over from one end to the other, shakes his head sadly, says "meow", jumps down, and leaves.

    The vet comes back in and hands the guy a bill for $800. "$800!" the guy shrieks, "Just to tell me my parrots dead??!!

    "Well," says the vet, "if you had taken my word for it it would have been $25, but what with the lab work and the cat scan..."


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    I love it!!
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