Needs some meds?

  1. I often feel like I need an antianxiety when I work a very hectic night. So far I have managed with out them. I do think I'll ask my doctor for some Resperidone. The voices in my head keep telling me to get another job.
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  3. by   sharann
    sometimes those voices speak the truth!
    say no to drugs, and give your notice if they are driving you batty.take care. undefined
  4. by   BaystateRN
    I was only kidding. Thanks for caring. Sometimes though, when it is really hectic, I do think... I love my job why???? I work in pediatrics, in an inner city hospital. It has a very trying population. They are very needy, mostly not the patients, but the parents.They don't want to hear 'I'll tell your nurse'. On the flip side, I feel like I have an opportunity to truly help these people and feel like my time was well spent. Deb