Need you quick wit....

  1. nursing school starts this monday....i'm so excited! anyway, i went to orientation yesterday and they told us that they would like us to come up with a class name. could be a color, a word, a mascot, whatever so long as they don't have to call us spring '08 (our graduatiuon date) for the next 4 semesters. me, loving things that make you go, "oh i get funny!", is trying to think of something clever. like angie o'plasty's screen it! so clever!

    i saw these on wikipedia and was trying to think of something similar:

    stream team - the urology dept.
    pecker checker - urologist
    baby catcher - obstretrician
    rear admiral - proctologist

    or something like

    pneumo-cephalic - airhead (no! don't go there! we're nursing students so you know that isn't the case!)
    crook-u - like icu only in a prison ward in a hospital.
    donorcycle - a motorcycle.

    see where i'm going? oh, i'm so excited!

    so, what do ya'll call student nurses on the floor? you must have a bunch....come on now share! any of them nice enough for us to us as a name for ourselves? tee-he!

    thanks! btw.....did i mention....i'm so excited!!!!! i'm finally gonna be a !!!
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  3. by   minky45
    How about Cerebral Flatulence (brain farts)