My patient is not crazy...I AM!

  1. I was working at a military based hospital, and had a well-respected retired colonel (age 85 and slightly senile) as my patient. Very nice and smart elderly fellow, but confused at times. I went into his room to give him his meds, and he was half-way climbing out of the bed, butt naked! I was startled and asked him in an abrupt manner (the typical question for our disoriented folks)..."Do you know where you are?", and he looked at me like I was crazy, and said "OFCOURSE young lady, IM RIGHT HERE".
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  3. by   prmenrs
    When my grandfather was in an LTC facility, he was intermittently 'with it', but you couldn't always tell. My aunt brought him a letter from one of my cousins, he opened it, read it, put it away, w/o comment. My aunt said, "Grandaddy, do you know who that was from?" He looked at her and said, "It was from your son, Richard!"

    Another time, she brought her husband in, again asked him who it was, he said, "Don't YOU?"