Murphy's Laws for Nurses

  1. When you need the money, your shift is canceled; when you have a weekend planned, you have to do overtime.

    Realizing the patient you've just injected has a serious infection causes you to stab yourself with the used needle.
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  3. by   fedupnurse
    If you bathe them early in the shift they will puke, poop or rip out their foley.
  4. by   micro
    after the week i have had........

    well micro is without words......

    but this thread merits some much needed thought and introspect..........

    later, micro
  5. by   cmggriff
    The patient making the most noise needs the least amount of care.

    When two sets of lab work arrive at the same time, the one with the most critical value is covered by the one with the least.

    The stat H&H drawn 45 minutes ago will reveal the patient needs 2 units of blood stat , but will not reflect the 2 units lost into the peritoneum in the meantime.

    If it has a fever and abdominal pain, you will have no surgery capabilities for at least 1 hour.

    The patient you just sent to surgery is not as bad off as the patient now wandering into the triage area.

    The person who atates he is the brother of the patient just admitted with a gunshot wound is either the patient's assailant, a member of the same gang as the patient trying to ID the patients attacker, or a reporter for some rag.

  6. by   l.rae
    At the same time the ambulence is bringing the chapped lips thru the back door,.....someone is driving up to the front enterance with a DOA...looking for the ER......

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