Mirror, mirror on the door

  1. just a silly story I heard once.....but the visual is kinda funny. Hope you enjoy

    One night a man and his wife were getting for bed. The wife had just finished taking a shower and towelled herself off. She suddenly threw the towel on the floor and said, "mirror, mirror on the door. I wish my breasts were size 44." Instantly, her breasts were size 44.

    Naturally, her husband's eyes were about to bug out of his head. He jumped up, ran into the bathroom, and took a shower. After he finished drying off, he threw his towel on the floor and stood in front of the mirror. He exclaimed, "mirror, mirror on the door. I wish my penis would touch the floor."

    Instantly................his legs fell off!!!! :roll

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    Cute, buy my hubby didn't think so, LOL!!!!

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