MD's go a-hunting

  1. Five MD's go duck hunting. A GP, an Ob-Gyn,a
    Psychiatrist,a Surgeon, and a Pathologist.
    They flush the field in a group. Up flies a magnificent flock of ducks. The GP raises his gun, gets one in site but hesitates to fire as he is not sure if it is a duck.
    The OB-Gyn also raises his gun,gets a duck in
    his site,but also does not fire as he is sure it is a duck but not sure as to a female duck or a male duck.
    The Psychiatrist also takes aim. He too does not fire his gun. He knows it is a duck but
    questions if the duck knows he is a duck.
    The Surgeon however, raises his gun, aims, fires,and a duck falls from the sky above.
    He turns to the Pathologist and says "Go see
    if that's a duck, would you?"
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  3. by   nurse020302
    If you've ever worked in the OR you would be rolling on the floor right now
  4. by   tinarndiv2
    I love it great joke, just about choked on me coffee. LOL

    Alls good.
  5. by   Ayeloflo
    way too funny
  6. by   EricJRN
    Even 5 1/2 yrs later, still funny. An oldy but a goody.