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    I was supposed to be a "Trained Assassin!" Darn, went into the wrong field!
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  3. by   Dr. Gonzo
    It's never too late for you to swtitch profession "Assasin"
  4. by   tylerlvn
    My is "funeral director"
  5. by   Ruylupez
    :imbar :imbar Mine says I'm supposed to be a porn star :imbar :imbar
  6. by   fergus51
    Well, I'm much classier.... a lap dancer
  7. by   Katnip
    I got supermodel. Cracked me up escpecially since I just got back from my first facial peel today.
  8. by   Shamrock
    I'm a Prime Minister but they failed to specify of which country!! Hmmm, maybe over ribs.
  9. by   gwenith
    Try that one is sure unique!!
  10. by   Loving Life
    I'm a traffic warden!
  11. by   FutureArmyNurse
    My ideal job is "Unemployed"
    My husband's is "Pirate"
    My mom's is "Circus Freak"

  12. by   ARmickie
    It says mine is a Chef.. Ugghhhh.. NO.. I'm getting out of and leaving the restaurant business!
  13. by   nurse_robin
    Robin, Your ideal job is a Permanent Temp.

    Well, no wonder I stay per diem and registry!
  14. by   sbic56
    Paleantologist. I guess so.

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