Is it funny or ridiculus?

  1. I work in a long term care facility. Because I am the regular nurse in that floor, some of the night nurses do not even bother to give me report.
    This morning- I saw a Urine analysis result on the table, so asked the nurse if the doctor was notified of the results. She told that it came late in the night so she could not convey it to MD. ...... the nurse was so excited to give me report like this- "I tried to collect urine from this lady, I even gave her the bedpan but I could not collect urine. Please get an order for straight catheter". I was like-"why bed pan and stright catheter? This lady has a foley......and my report here clearly says that I collected the urine just told me about the urine results too......"
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  3. by   scmadm
    It's actually more scary than the other 2 choices. People not thinking is what gets patients killed. Luckily it wasn't something life threating THIS time.