i dont know about you, but matt says.....

  1. -he will not take a pill that gives him gas with oily discharge
    -after what his dog licks at least a thousand times a day, his dogs mouth couldnt possibly be cleaner than his
    -he wants to add, "i'm ******* dying over here" to the pain scale
    -he knows its bad when the doc tells you hes doin' everything he can for ya
    -geniuses can't be that smart if the name of thier society so closely resembles a week of bloating, mood swings and cramps
    -if he wants a private room, hes going to tell them that he has tb, the meds arent working so he stopped taking them, then he'll cough
    -the doctor should prescribe, tylenol q4h prn for his wifes headache, with his prescription for viagra
    -the diagnosis should really be, stress incompetence
    -the person that labled the private parts, chose those words because they are embarrassing to say out loud
    -pills should be color coded, yellow because you cant pee, brown because you cant poop, and red because you could go at any second

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  3. by   CashewLPN
    Well... for color coding...
    Our lasix tends to be yellow, our Sennakot Brown, and our colace is red(colace tends to be a cure all around here sometimes)... hows that?

    --Barbara, LPN