I am full of good ideas

  1. Surely you all have had plenty of excellent ideas that administration decided to take a pass on. They just don't appreciate our brilliance sometimes.

    My latest new policy suggestion: One point shall automatically be added to each patient's acuity score for each staff member that we are short in a given shift.

    ...it wasn't the instant hit I imagined.

    So, go ahead, share your amazing ideas here, where they will be properly appreciated and you will win instant adoration and coveted Internet Popularity Points.
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    Surely you all have had plenty of excellent ideas that administration decided to take a pass on.
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    Quote from Davey Do
    I second the drive through! Or at least a refreshment bar in the ED waiting area...Ativan cookies, Norco brownies, propofol milk shakes, etc. Maybe a menu where they can order what they want...customer always knows best!
  6. by   elkpark
    True story -- Many years ago, I worked on the psychiatric consultation-liaison service for a large, academic medical center. A lot of our work was attempting to deal with the many demented little old people we got in the hospital, and trying to reduce sitter usage in that population. I came up with an idea that I thought was a good one, that would address many of the concerns involved in dealing with that population. I talked to my direct boss about it, attempted to enlist him to assist me in taking it up the chain of command, talked to anyone in the medical center who would listen to me about it, asked repeatedly about whether it would be possible to do a pilot project to try out the idea. No response, no interest. Eventually, I quit asking about it. For totally unrelated reasons, I eventually left that job. Time passed, I didn't think much more about it.

    Several years ago, I found out that another psych CNS, in another part of the country, faced with the same issue of managing demented little old people safely in the acute care hospital setting (without spending a fortune on sitters) came up with the same idea I did a few years after I had. Her medical center was willing to trial the idea -- it was a big success, saved the medical center a bunch of $$$, she wrote a bunch of articles and at least one book about it, and has basically made a career since then of promoting her idea around the country and around the world.

    Actual experience -- not humor. Oh, well ...
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    A hospital I worked at had an anonymous suggestion box. One night it was slow, and I wrote down all my suggestions on one piece of paper and threw them in. I got a reply back in my mail rejecting every single idea, there were about two dozen of them. I was a very deflated canoe.Then, over the next few months, I saw about five of my ideas duplicated and accepted in committees my boss sat on. What a low life jerk!
  9. by   smartassmommy
    Make a policy that any administrator with a nursing license work a day shift and a night shift as floor nurses with the same pt load all the other nurses have

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